Turbine Inlet Cooling and Heating Coils

Fluid coils designed to meet the stringent requirements of the power generation industry

Gas turbine cooling systems are used worldwide in power plants to improve power output in warmer climates and in other climates throughout summer months when the demand is higher. The power output of a gas turbine is inversely related to the inlet temperature; as the inlet temperature increases the power output decreases.  This characteristic causes power plants to produce less power when the demand is higher, reducing sales (particularly in regions where use of comfort air conditioners is the norm).

Turbine inlet cooling systems condition the incoming air to a lower temperature increasing air density and mass flow rate. The process restores the performance of the turbine to its peak capacity regardless of the weather. DRS has successfully completed Turbine Inlet Coil project installations around the world.

Heating coils are used to improve the efficiency of the GT in turn down situations, or to reduce the possibility of icing in certain regions. Marlo has provided bare tube coils as well as standard fin and tube coils for heating installations improving the performance of the GT in such diverse applications.

Our Turbine Inlet Coils are designed and tested to given pressure requirements and feature a corrosion preventative coating and fully drainable circuits. The advantages of choosing a DRS Marlo Turbine Inlet Coil also include various material options, flexible duct mounting arrangement and integrated lifting provisions.

At DRS Marlo Coil we work to achieve the best value solution for our customers. We have in-house resources to help you size the equipment to meet your cooling needs and minimize air pressure drop through the system. Improve turbine performance with a quality Marlo cooling coil, the most important part of your inlet system.