Marlo Heat Transfer Solutions

Marlo is a manufacturer of Modular Air Handling Units (AHU’s), Cooling, Heating, Steam, DX (refrigerant) coils, shell & tube heat exchangers and various equipment for the Military. Learn more about our Military products. This website is focused on our commercial products.  We are located conveniently in the Midwest.  Our focus is on new and replacement equipment for the Industrial, Commercial, HVAC, Power Generation, Automotive, Aerospace (including Wind Tunnels), Medical, Educational, Food Storage & Processing, Semiconductor markets.  We are a vertically integrated manufacturer with a wide range of capabilities to serve your heat transfer needs. We are a part of the Leonardo DRS family of businesses. Leonardo is committed to sustainability, the environment, diversity, inclusiveness and belonging, to learn more about our commitment.

Marlo Coil Reseller Listings
Commercial Reseller Listings

Find the Marlo Heat Transfer Solutions commercial reseller closest to you - to replace your coils, design new HVAC systems or to simply receive general HVAC information.

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