Specialty Products

Split Core, Removable, Air Tight and Cleanable Coils

DRS Marlo Coil has the engineering resources needed to design custom solutions for unique applications.  We will work with our customers to find the highest quality and most economical solution.


Split Core Coils Split Core Coils
Fluid Coils Manufactured in Multiple Sections
Our split core coil is an optional feature that allows nearly any coil we manufacture to be divided into smaller sections to ease installation in limited space applications. The coil is split in the core area with divider plates and re-assembled on-site for a permanent installation. One of the features of the split core design is that it allows direct replacement of long-finned length coils with minimal performance loss. Split Core coils are just that; coils that are built with multiple sections that can be brought in through a building or an area that has tight space constraints and then assembled in place. This avoids costly removal and installation issues associated with tearing down walls in buildings and or removing equipment to be able to install a full size coil.

Removable Coil Modules Removable Coil Modules
Replacement Coil Housing Section with Various Options
The RCM can simplify coil replacement while adding new coil supports and a stainless steel drain pan to existing units. RCM’s are available in custom sizes. Removable air tight coils are air tight coil housings that have a sealed access panel that once removed allow the coil to be serviced.

Air Tight Housings Air Tight Housings
Industrial coil housings designed for pressures from 10” to 10 psi designed to prevent environmental contamination during heat transfer. Our housings are constructed from heavy gauge materials that are selected for suitability in their specific application.

Q, Y, & R Coils Q, Y, & R Coils
Fluid Coils with Removable Box Header
Fluid coils featuring removable box headers to allow access to the interior of the coil for cleaning. The removable box is ideal for high-sediment fluid environments, such as river or lake water. Removing the headers exposes all of the tubes for easy inspection or cleaning.

J, X, and K Coils J, X, and K Coils
Fluid Coils with Cleanable Tube Plugs
Featuring brass end caps on tube ends that allow access to the interior of the coil for cleaning. These coils are typically applied in environments where sediment or foreign materials may accumulate within the coil. Cleanable coils are coils that have caps on each return bend. The caps are removable so that the inside of the coil can be cleaned which in most cases returns the coil to like new performance levels.

Humidity Control Coils Humidity Control Coils
Our Humidity Control Coils solve a common problem in hospitals and other critical environments: excess humidity and condensate collecting on and ruining expensive HEPA and ULPA filters. This single cooling coil recirculates the warm fluid leaving the coil to, in turn, heat and desaturate the air exiting the coil. It requires just one supply and one return header, which saves the significant costs involved with plumbing hot water or steam to a reheat coil. This is a much more cost-effective solution than using both a cooling coil and a separate heating coil to eliminate carryover condensate and moisture, and it can also improve air quality.