Stratomizer Dampered Face & Bypass Coil

Maximum Coil Freeze Protection

Marlo Coil StratomizerThe Marlo Stratomizer® Dampered Face and Bypass Coil provides the most reliable method of preheating and tempering fresh outside air while maintaining full steam pressure or hot water flow to the coil at all times.

By the positioning of dampers, proportioned quantities of air are either directed through the heating surface or bypass the heating surface to achieve the required discharge air temperature. The Stratomizer® dampers are automatically repositioned to maintain a set leaving air temperature when a change in outside temperature occurs. Downstream actuator mounting is available for the Marlo Stratomizer® to provide reduced width/height if needed.


  • Freeze Protection
  • Constant Air Volume
  • Minimized Air Stratification
  • Minimum Temperature Override
  • Accurate Temperature Control
  • Rated in Accordance with AHRI 410
  • Multiple Configurations, 115 sizes
  • Vertical or Horizontal Orientation
  • Three Year Warranty